BALSy Teaching Robot

BALSy (Binary Advanced Learning System) can help you learn a language, facts or other stuff. BALSy allows you to create and learn your pixabay

BALSy keeps tracks of your progress, keeps an eye on your dead-line and makes sure your knowledge is transferred to long term memory. The items you’re trying  learn will be checked for time, quality and accuracy and rehearsed randomly with a mix of new items.

All this information can be viewed instantly via a histogram of your results.

Enhance your study or schoolwork textbooks with speech, pictures and/or weblinks. Speech will to keep you focussed and alert.

There are multiple question types available to create your own quizzes and keep you busy. All these question types support text, speech, pictures and multiple attachments.

The rehearsal mechanism the robot applies to your project can easily be set and changed. The project manager allows for daily workload settings and quality of work. This makes planning easy and allows you to be ready for your exams in time.

How doman-320268_960_720 pixabayes that work? The robot will ask you a predefined number of questions in random order and checks your answers. It keeps track of your progress and selects a mix of new and rehearsal questions from your quiz. Each time you run your project, the order of the questions change (to avoid the boredom of repeating questions) and it makes sure you’re ready on time for your exam.


The BALSy Teaching Robot was created in 2009 as a tool for students.  It allows you to get used to beïng tested by a computer and it checks what you actually know (and not what you think you know).

It makes learning more enjoyable and you actually save time preparing for your test. You should use it on a daily basis for maximum results. Have fun!

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